Apollo Women

Apollo solutions for women hair loss ( Alopecia )   :


Looks sensational
We can truly transform your look, giving you the style of your dreams. Long, short, straight, curly. A subtle transformation or something more dramatic. And you can stick with your existing hair color or change it, either with solid color or highlights. What’s more, we can even create realistic “partings” on bare scalp. And nothing comes “off the shelf”. Each design is unique to you and expertly created and tailored from scratch.

Unlike others, ours is a hair integration system
By just working on the specific area of hair loss – e.g. the top of your head – your existing, healthy hair is incorporated into the overall style. This results in a beautifully natural look – with your own hair intermingling with our system – and undetectable from the real thing.

No more lifestyle restrictions
You can swim, shower, exercise, go out on a windy day – all without fear of detection. Absolutely secure, if someone was to pull on your hair it would feel just like someone pulling your natural hair. Your new head of hair will look – and behave – just as if it was entirely your own.

Easy to care for
There’s no need to use any special shampoos or conditioners. What’s more, you can style it as normal, using the likes of hairdryers, curling systems etc. if you wish.

Personality Hair , 100% safe
Our design system can be attached without the use of any glues, bonding solutions, threads, weave-on’s, injections, stitching- and, unlike some, no “shaving” of your existing hair. Nothing is “stuck on” your head. Instead, we use the combination of a very fine, anti-allergenic mesh and extremely delicate and expert hair extension work.