Country Questionnaire Form


1. Current exchange rate for USD: One US Dollar is equivalent to :

2. Standard Minimum wage (Govt. Fixed): US $ / Month:

3. Salary for a department store clerk in largest town: US$ / Month:

4. Inflation Rate (last 3 years). 06: 07: 08: :

5. Rent of 100 m 2 of mall [or shopping area] space in largest town: US$ / Month:

6. Rent of 100 m 2 of non-mall retail space in largest towns: US$ / Month:




Professional Make-Up Service :

Medium Quality Make-Up Service :

9. Cost of hair Styling in large Countries :

High Quality Service :

Medium Quality Service :

High Quality Service :

Medium Quality Service :

12. Cities of interest for GS potential presence :

13. Population in each City of interest :

14. Name of renowned Malls and Major International Brands sold in each of these Malls. Also, please mention if parking is available or not. :

15. Percentage Population with College Degree :

16. percentage Population with High School Degree:

Monthly Household Income (USD) % Estimated of Total Population
Upper-Upper Class:

Lower-Upper Class:

Upper-Middle Class:

Lower-Middle Class:

18. Cost to ship repetitive 2 pound pouches (by fast courier) from your country to Oklahoma City, USA: US per pouch :

19. Are there any restrictions or possible delays for photographic prints into the country? (E.g. Censorship….) :

20. What is the percentage duty tax for importing photographic prints into your country? % :

21. Name the two most read newspapers (Both Local and foreign language). :

22. Name the two most read women Magazines (Both local and foreign language). :

23. Cost of advertisement in both 20 & 21 / (cm / col up to full page). :

24. Name, Frequently and cost of participating in Major women - targeted exhibitions .

25. If you have any additional information that could be helpful in assessing your market potential, please feel free to type it in the space provided below: (Local Purchasing trends, Competition the Beauty and photo Business, etc….). You may also use a: