Combing wet & tangled hair:

The best healthy way is to use conditioners always to coat the hair after shampooing, because shampoos contains a lot of detergents which may dry the hair. The conditioner coats the hair shaft making the hair soft and less tangled. Or you may want to purchase a leave-in conditioner designed to detangle hair before combing. All these products are available in our Apollo rang of products which are formulated especially for such cases.

Using a wide tooth comb start from the ends combing up towards the scalp this will decrease hair breakage. Never use a bristle bush on wet hair this causes breakage which leads to fly-a-ways.

Help Prevent split ends

Try using hair products that do not contain alcohol. If alcohol is listed in the first 5 ingredients it is a danger to your fragile ends! This would include products such as: mousse, hair spray, gel, and other products used to either straighten or curl hair.


If you feel you must use these products. Try giving your tress a good treatment, preferably with professional products ( check Apollo products information’s ) every two weeks. You may also want to buy a conditioner with protein. If you can not find a conditioner with protein refer to one of our centers to provide you with such items. Also treat your hair to a trim every 6-8 weeks.

To promote healthy hair, skin, and body add omega 3 fatty acid to your diet (2-3 times daily), drink 8-10 cups of water daily, and always get your 8 hours of sleep. Smoking has been proven to prematurely harden blood vessels, restricting blood flow and damaging capillaries. This will definitely harm healthy hair patterns.
Smoking has been proven to accelerate the incidence of hair loss and the accumulation of gray hair.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Try using hair close to the same weight as your own. Human hair, although, a little more expensive, would be close to the weight of your own hair. Ask your braider to braid more of your own hair in with each braid. If not, ask to have the braids around your hairline braided loosely. This will cause you to need a touch up sooner; however, the hairline should have a touch up every 30 days.

If your hair has recently been braided try not to pull your hair back or up for the first 2 weeks and always wrap them with a silk or satin scarf before bedtime or while working out. The most important fact about braids is the care of them.

Make sure you don’t wear braid over 8-10 weeks. You must take the braids down to wash, condition and trim your hair. Remember, just because you’re wearing braids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t condition your own hair. Wear the braids for a short time then give your hair a break before you put them in again. Just know that if you have very fine hair, braids may break your hair off so just BEWARE!! Cornrows are less damaging than individual braids.