Hair Control Treatment

Gray Away is formulated from dietary nutrients with proven and/or reputed properties to retard and delay the process of graying hair. Existing gray hairs returning to original color have been reported.

The “Gray-Away” formula offers definite nutritional possibilities to retard the graying process, allowing you to maintain your more youthful hair color.

Hair Fuel formulated to do its work deeper in the general growth area (the capillary, hair bulb and blood supply or food source areas).

formulated and intended to increase the quantity of blood supply available and, along with VITA-PECIA, increasing the quality of the blood supply arriving at the point of hair growth. 30 count

Vita Pecia formulated to work under the skin, in the area of the papilla, follicle, and hair bulb. The ingredient “saw palmetto” has reported properties that mimic a similar chemical reaction as found in the most current FDA approved medicine intended for hair growth. 60 count